Best Built-in Induction Cooktops

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When you enter the world of built-in induction cooktops, you’ll never want to go back to simple electric or gas range cooking again! 

With sleek, modern designs, one-touch digital controls, plenty of burner space, and the fastest heating technology you’ve ever used, it’s like using a computer to cook your meals. Induction cooking also uses less energy. 

In this post we will cover:

  • Comparing Built-in Induction Cooktops
  • Reviews of Built-in Induction Cooktops
  • Built-in Induction Cooktop Q & A

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Comparing Built-in Induction Cooktops


GE Profile 30”

Summit 2 Burner

GE Profile 36”

K&H Domino 2 Burner

Total Power















Sync Burner





Size (in.)

29 ¾” W x 20 7/8” L

11 1/8” W and 19 5/8” L 

36”W x 20 3/8”L

11.6” W, 20.1” L

Reviews of Built-in Induction Cooktops

1. GE Profile 30” Black Electric Cooktop

The popular appliance brand GE has created not one, but two great built-in induction cooktops that are highly rated by home cooks. This one, the GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop, has four burners on its surface to remind you of a regular gas or electric range. It has a glass, ceramic surface, plenty of controls, and lots of power, too.

GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30Learn more on Amazon


  • Four burners
  • Two burners sync cooking at same time
  • Precise temperature control


  • Model has electrical issues
  • Two burners sync cooking at same time
  • Poor customer service from GE

Cooktop Highlights

It’s not just what you see on the surface of this GE Profile 30” induction cooktop; it’s what’s built in that are the highlights. You can have up to four pots going at the same time with the four included induction elements. The surface stays cool to the touch and is easy to clean, too.

Bright red LED lighting makes sure you can see at a glance which burners are too hot to touch. In size, it’s 29 ¾” W x 20 7/8” D, and requires a clearance space of 28 ½” W x 19 5/8” D.

What's to like about the GE Profile 30” Black Electric Cooktop

On the largest 11” burner, you can get up to 3,700 Watts. You can accurately control precise temperatures with simple digital touch controls. You can control the two 7” burners simultaneously for even heating of large saucepans or griddles.

A built-in kitchen timer works flawlessly for meal prep coordination. The controls also lock, preventing unintended activation by kids or curious cats. When no pan is present, the cooktop automatically shuts off.

What's not to like about the GE Profile 30” Black Electric Cooktop

Customers have really enjoyed this cooktop, but it’s also gotten a few bad reviews. Most of them have to do with durability.

This 30” GE Profile is at the lower end of the price spectrum, so some quality has been sacrificed when it comes to parts. The circuit board, which controls all the digital elements, goes out within a short time of use.

The company, GE, hasn’t been as responsive to replacing parts or having service repair done quickly. Also, some models seem to be more defective than others, with burners turning off as soon as they start. This particular induction cooktop seems prone to electrical issues.

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2. Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

A smooth black surface made from Eurokera ceramic glass, two separate heating elements, and easy use controls make this two burner induction cooktop from Summit a pleasure to use. The Summit CR2110 115V Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners saves energy, heats and cooks your food precisely and evenly, and looks very stylish and modern in your kitchen. This cooktop is perfect for the smallest of spaces, such as tiny homes, apartments, condos, RVs, and even boats.

Summit CR2110 115V Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners, 12-InchLearn more on Amazon


  • Very small and efficiently designed
  • Heats up super-fast
  • Easy to clean


  • Not big enough for family use
  • Pans could melt knobs
  • Burners are small

Cooktop Highlights

This two-burner cooktop was designed vertically, to save horizontal counter space. You’ll get two large 6” diameter 1200W heating elements, infinite heat control, and it uses only 110V of power.

There are two knobs in the front, which is great if you’d rather have knobs than use digital touch controls. In size, it’s 11 1/8” W and 19 5/8” long.

What's to like about the Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

This built-in induction cooktop is only 12” wide, which is one of its best features. You get all the highlights of built-in induction cooking without it taking up a large amount of space. It’s small enough to install inside a cabinet drawer, too. It can heat up in seconds, so you’re not waiting around, a definite feature we appreciate in colder climates.

It can do everything that an electric or gas cooktop can do, including sautéing, boiling, and even using a pressure cooker. With one quick swipe, you can wipe it clean and don’t have to spend a lot of time keeping it looking new.  

What's not to like about the Summit 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

There are drawbacks with having such a tiny built-in induction cooktop, though. The two burners are right next to each other, so it would be physically impossible to have two large pieces of cookware going at the same time.

This isn’t a cooktop for family use. It’s best for one person and for infrequent cooks who don’t need to use two burners for each meal.

Each burner is only 6”, so larger saucepans, frying pans, and sauté pans will take up much more room. Also, a hot pan can get close to the knobs and possibly melt them.

This cooktop needs to be on its own 20 amp circuit, when you’re installing it.

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3. GE Profile 36” Black Electric Cooktop

Do you need something larger than the 30" GE Profile Induction Cooktop? The GE PHP9036DJBB 36 Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction, 3,700-Watt does everything that the 30” size does above, but with even more space. It has five large burners for cooking.

GE PHP9036DJBB 36 Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction, 3,700-Watt Element, Pan Size Sensors, SyncBurners, Red LED Display, Kitchen Timer, ADA Compliant Fits GuaranteeLearn more on Amazon


  • Five large burners
  • Plenty of controls and a timer
  • Large enough for a family


  • Surface is slick
  • Circuit board has quality issues
  • Inner parts aren’t durable

Cooktop Highlights

You can cook for a crowd with this impressively sized and reasonably priced GE Profile 36” Built-in Induction Cooktop. It uses 240V of power on the 11.1” burner and 208V on the 9.6” burner, and also uses 50 Amps of power.

The cool to the touch surface makes it simple to wipe down and clean. In size, this cooktop is 36”W x 20 3/8”D, and it fits into a counter space of 33 7/8” W x 19 1/8” D.

What's to like about the GE Profile 36” Black Electric Cooktop

The best thing about this GE 36 Inch 5 Burner Induction Cooktop is its large size, which makes it big enough to cook multiple dishes for a family. There is a centralized burner that’s 11” in diameter and it has 3700 Watts of induction power.

You can rapidly boil water even in a huge saucepan. On the left-hand side, there are two 7” burner elements that you can control simultaneously to evenly heat long cookware or special griddles for big breakfasts. There are plenty of digital controls that are easy to use, including precise temperatures and a kitchen timer. No knobs to clean!

There are 11 power selections for each burner, L (low), 1-9, and H (high).

This cooktop is made of black glass with a red LED light display. Indicator lights show when the burners are too hot to touch, and each of the burners not only heats to the size of your pan, but will automatically shut off when no pan is present. There are no hot or cool spots for any burner. Two cups of water boil in under two minutes, so it’s very fast.

What's not to like about the GE Profile 36” Black Electric Cooktop

As with all induction cooktops, you need to use special cooktop cleaners and induction cookware. The surface is very slick, so pots and pans could slide around. That becomes a safety hazard around small children and pets. There is a cooling fan that makes noise, similar to a laptop’s cooling fan.

Also, with GE in particular, the brand seems to have a tendency for circuit boards to fail in a short period of time. It’s advised that you get the warranty. This cooktop acts more like a computer, so without top quality parts (which are sacrificed in favor of a lower price), it does break down more quickly. This isn’t as durable a cooktop as we’d like.

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4. K&H Domino 2 Burner Ceramic Cooktop

Cooktop Highlights

Developed in Germany using that famous German engineering, this vertical induction cooktop is excellent for small spaces. It’s just 11.6” wide, 20.1” long, and 3” deep. You can use it as a built-in (it comes with installation instructions), or it can sit right on top of your counter as well.

The rubber feet are removable and will protect your counter.

Set the timer for up to 99 minutes, and enjoy fast, easy cooking.

K&H 2 Burner 12Learn more on Amazon


  • Can be built-in or used as a countertop oven
  • Vertical design saves space
  • 17 heating controls


  • Burners close together
  • Touch controls ultra-sensitive
  • Too small for large family use

What's to like about the K&H Domino 2 Burner Ceramic Cooktop

There’s a lot to like about this little powerhouse of an induction cooktop. It automatically identifies whether a pot or pan can be used on it, it has a child lock for safety features, and you get as much power as you need to fry, stir fry, sauté, boil, or steam.

The two burner sizes are 7.9” and 7.1”, which means you can use pans with a bottom diameter between 4.7” and 9.5”.

That covers up to 10” skillets. The rating voltage is between 208V and 240V, about 50/60Hz, and it has a maximum power output of 3100 Watts.

When installed in your counter, it’s sleek, modern, and there’s enough space between the burners to comfortably fit two pans.

This unit is affordable and you’ll find the compact size to be perfect for a tiny home, apartment, rental, vacation home, or RV.

What's not to like about the K&H Domino 2 Burner Ceramic Cooktop

With a small space comes less room to cook, so this is not the best induction cooktop for a large home or a big family. Due to the size, the burners are a little closer together than on a standard electric or gas oven, so two very large pans wouldn’t fit next to each other.

There are two cooling fans that blow air downward, so you’ll need to provide for that within the installation.

Like other induction cooktops, it requires induction only cookware. The touch controls are perhaps too well made, since it’s easy to turn them off.

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Final Verdict

Now that you’ve learned all about induction cooktops, it’s time to pick our winner. We’ve chosen the K&H Domino 2 Burner Induction Ceramic Cooktop as the best built-in model you can put into your kitchen. We love its versatility, good looks, high rating, and sleek, black appearance.

You’ll save time every night by having your cooktop help you boil water, sauté onions, fry chicken, or simmer soups and stews. Everything you make will heat up evenly and quickly, precisely controlled for a perfect temperature and a perfect meal.

However, if you would like more room and need to cook for a crowd, then we’d also purchase the GE Profile 36” Black Electric Induction Cooktop. It has five burner elements, so you can make every dish at Thanksgiving at the same time. For holidays, family gatherings, entertaining, and for foodies alike, this cooktop is also a clear choice.

Built-in Induction Cooktop Q & A

Q & A

Is it easy to install an induction cooktop?

The video below shows the installation of a built-in induction cooktop.

How many burners does a built-in unit have?

Built- in Induction cooktops have two to five burns. The wattage, amps, and volt power amounts vary per model as well. Check each cooktop carefully to make sure you have enough power on the circuit before installing.

What is the cooking wattage on a built-in induction cooktop?

The cooking wattage on an induction cooktop varies by model, but is usually between 1200W and 3100W. Different burner sizes on induction cooktops have different wattage amounts, too. The largest burners will have 3100W of power, enough to boil a large stewpot or use with a pressure cooker.

What are the sizes of the burners on a built-in induction cooktop?

Generally, burner sizes on induction cooktops are from 5" to 11" in diameter.

The minimum pan size depends upon the size of the burner.  For example, models with a burner size of 5 1/2" to 6 3/4" can accommodate a pan with a base diameter of 3 1/2". Larger burners can handle a pan size of 11".

Are all built-in cooktops arranged horizontally?

No, some designs are vertical.

Do built-in cooktops have an adjustable timer?

All of these modern induction cooktops come with their own built-in kitchen timer. You can program burners individually to heat up and stay on for a specific period of time. For example, you can simmer a soup on low heat for exactly 30 minutes. It helps you more precisely control your cooking. Some of these cooktops also have automatic shut-off.

Do induction cooktops have a cooling fan?

Yes, they come with their own cooling fans, similar to a laptop, to keep the unit from short-circuiting. You can hear the gentle fan noise when the cooktop is turned on. They also feature plenty of controls and buttons to program heat levels.

How do the contents of the pan get heated on an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops generate an oscillating electric field which encompasses the ferrous (iron) element in the base of the special cookware (cast iron, carbon steel, magnetized stainless steel) you use. That electric field builds up electromagnetic energy, generating molecular friction and generating heat in the process as well. 

What are the different kinds of induction cooktops?

The three types are  portable, built-in or full-size unit. It is important to measure the available space and review the electrical requirements before purchasing the stove/cooktop. 

When choosing a cooktop consider the temperature and power levels, design, and safety features. 

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What kind of cookware can I use on an induction burner?

Induction compatible cookware must be used on induction cooktops. The base material must be magnetic-based such as magnetized stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or enameled cast iron. 

Having a cast iron skillet is a good start. Then you can test your other pots and pans to see if they are induction friendly.  Take a magnet ( a refrigerator magnet is fine) and place it on the bottom of the pan. If it strongly sticks to the base, then it will work. After you have inventoried your cookware collection, then you can determine what if any pieces you want to purchase.

Some people just setting up a kitchen start with a frying pan and a saucepan and add other pieces as needed. Others opt to purchase an induction cookware set.  

Is it easy to clean an induction cooktop?

For regular cleaning, you simply have to wait until the cooktop cools down. Then use a clean damp sponge with cooktop cleaner to gently wash the surface clear of spills. Wipe the cleaner off with a dry cloth.
For heavier cleaning, use white vinegar to clean hard spots and spills.

A ceramic cooktop cleaner and a gently cleaning pad can remove more stuck-on residue. You can use a cooktop scraper, but be careful not to scratch the ceramic surface. Then carefully wipe dry with a cloth or paper towel.

What are the steps to use an induction cooktop?

To use an induction cooktop varies slightly by model, so read the manufacturer instructions before beginning.

1. Prepare your ingredients.

2. Decide which power/temperature level you will use (consult manual if necessary).

3. Plug the power cord into the electrical socket.

4. Put the pan and ingredients in the center of the placement guides on the ceramic cooking surface.

5. Turn the unit on, set the temperature/power level and timer and lock the unit (optional). 

6. When you are finished cooking, take the pan off the surface, unplug it when the fan has stopped running, and clean the surface and housing after the unit has cooled.

Update August 7, 2020