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Can Induction Cookware Be Used on a Gas Stove?

stainless steel pot and cast iron pan on built-in gas stove

Induction cookware is fast becoming a popular choice for both professional and home cooks who want efficient, durable, and highly functional cookware that allows them to have an excellent culinary experience.

Many people believe induction cookware can only be used with an induction cooker. However, you can use your induction cookware on electric and gas stoves. Let’s take a look at what induction cookware has to offer.

Why Choose an Induction Cooktop

Why Choose Induction Cookware

One of the advantages of induction cookware is its ability to be used on conventional cooktops such gas and electric. More people are choosing this type of cookware even if they don’t have induction stoves. These pots and pans don’t limit them on their current cookers, and they are prepared if they choose to purchase an induction cooktop. It is important to note that the reverse is not possible though. If you have non-compatible cookware, it can’t be used on your induction cooker, and can only be used on a gas or electric cooker.

What Cookware Can Be Used on Induction Cookers

When using an induction cooktop, pans and pots only need to have a magnetic base to be induction ready. And most cookware is made with magnetic components so it is probably not necessary to replace all of your cookware, especially if you have cast iron or enameled cast iron pieces.  

Choosing Induction Cookware

When selecting induction cookware, make sure it has a smooth base and is magnetic.  Induction cookers have a glass surface which scratches easily when it comes into contact with rough cookware. Checking the cookware you purchase to ensure it has a flat, smooth base allows you to protect your cooktop. This is also important if you are using your pans and pots on an electric stove.

Pans and pots must have magnetic properties to create heat using your induction stove. Therefore, you need to look for cookware that has the induction compatible symbol – a zig zag or coil – on the base of the item. The base of the item can be checked using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to it securely, it can be used on induction cookers. If not, it is only suitable for gas and electric cookers.

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