Cook N Home 12-inch Nonstick Frying Pan Review

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Cookware has been advancing so rapidly that anyone can cook an expertly fried egg or a delicious hamburger at home… with the right tools! One piece of cookware that is preferred by many is a nonstick frying pan. 

Here we are going to take a closer look at the Cook N Home Nonstick 12-Inch Frying Pan. The nonstick coating is free of cadmium and lead. The handle is soft and has silicone in it, which keeps it cool.

Who is This Product For?

If you are someone who loves to cook but has trouble with food sticking, this Cook N Home Nonstick Frying pan is one option. The nonstick coating makes it simple to cook without the mess (or the cleanup!)

If you don’t like pans that are heavy, you should not use this pan. While it’s not impossible to lift, it does have some weight to it.  

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  • Oven safe up to 375°F
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Non-stick


  • Pan is heavy


This Cook N Home fry pan can go into the oven in temperatures of up to 375°F.  
Another great feature is the cool-touch handles. The coated handles are comfortable to grip and stay cool while you prepare a meal.

As with most nonstick pans, it is not necessary to use a lot of oil. Although it is dishwasher safe, some people prefer to hand wash.


This Cook N Home Nonstick Frying Pan is an easy way to make staples such as omelets, pancakes, and burgers with less sticking.

Once it heats up, add your desired ingredients, and begin cooking. You don’t have to use oil unless you want to because the nonstick coating will prevent food from sticking, and the even heating will prevent it from burning. When finished cooking, let the pan cool down and then wipe it clean.

One drawback is that the pan is heavy.

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