Cuisinart ICT-60 Induction Cooktop Review

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 Are you in the market for a portable kitchen appliance that can give you an ample amount of cooking power without consuming a large amount of electricity? If so, you might consider investing in an induction cooktop because not only are they portable and simple to use, they excel in performance and help you to make meals similar to those prepared on a traditional stove.


The Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop is a well-regarded model as it not only exudes class and elegance with a modern aesthetic, but it also offers a number of features that help you to get the most out of your cookware.

The unit is portable and has an uncomplicated control panel. The temperature reading is shown in Watts and has pre-set settings.

The total maximum wattage for the unit is 1800W. The left burner can be used from 200-1200W and the right from 200-600W.

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  • Burners are a different size
  • Control panel is not complicated
  • Cooktop cools down quickly
  • Unit turns off when cooking vessel is removed


  • Highest power is 1200W
  • No settings lock
  • Heat readings only show power level

Features of Cuisinart ICT-60


This Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop weighs 11.6 pounds and has dimensions of 14.25" x 23.5" x 2.5"(LxWxH). The base of pots and pans should be greater than 4.7 inches (12 cm).

Dual Burners

This unit has two separate burners and can be plugged into a 120V outlet (60MHz). The total wattage for the unit is 1800W.

The left burner can be used from 200-1200 W while the right has a power range of 200- 600 Watts. The burners can be used simultaneously. The left burner has eight settings, from low (1) to high (8) while the right cooktop has five settings from low (1) to medium/moderate (5).

Display Panel

The controls on the display panel for each burner are:

  • ON/OFF
  • Timer
  • Heat
  • Down/Up Arrow
  • Display (Heat and Timer) and Error codes


There are two numbers that are important when describing the timer feature.

First, the timer function can be set to a maximum of 150 minutes. Second, the unit will shutoff after 180 minutes. This means you can cook something for 30 minutes and THEN set the timer for 150 minutes. The unit will beep four times and shutoff after 180 minutes. The unit can only run for 180 minutes at a time.  

It is important to know that the unit ONLY shuts off after 180 minutes has elapsed. For example, if you set the timer for 45 minutes, when that time is up, the unit will beep 4 times but it will NOT shut off.


This Cuisinart double induction cooktop will automatically shut off if:

  • Incompatible cookware is detected - 30 second delay
  • Unit is turned on and no cookware is placed on cooktop -30 second delay
  • The pan has been removed - 30 second delay
  • Unit overheats

This appliance is FCC Part 18 Compliant.

Who is This Product For?

One of the greatest advantages of this Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop is that it is designed with everyone in mind, regardless of age or whether you have professional cooking experience or not. Another feature that adds to its versatility is that it can be used everyday, at dinner parties or taken to social occasions. 

Since this type of cooktop is portable, it gives you access to delicious meals regardless of where you are, as long as you have a source of power. If you live in a small apartment or house and kitchen space is limited, this appliance is an efficient solution. College students who are on a tight budget or who prefer to cook healthy meals, are using induction cooktops in their dorm rooms.

An induction cooker will certainly come in handy if your stove stops functioning. It happens far too often that homeowners are stuck with a broken stovetop, only to have to wait weeks until a repairman diagnoses the problem, relays the necessary information to the warranty company, receives permission to repair the unit, waits for the parts to arrive and then finally, weeks later, fixes the stove.

Instead of being without a cooktop, you’ll be able to pull out your induction cooker and continue making substantial and great tasting meals.

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Tutorial/How to Use Cuisinart ICT-60 Induction Cooktop


When you’re trying to decide on which induction cooktop to buy, it’s important to consider your alternatives. Depending on your personal cooking style and needs, you might find that the Duxtop 9620LS Double Induction Cooktop is a better fit for your culinary needs.  

Q & A

Does an induction cooktop have a flame?

An induction cooktop does not have a gas flame or electric heating element. Rather it has an electromagnetic coil under the glass cooktop. When the cooker is turned on, electric current flows through this coil. A magnetic field is produced which generates electric current in the cooking vessel. The induction ready pot or pan acts as a heat source and the heat is transferred to the food.

Can I use any type of pan with an induction cooktop?

This type of cooktop requires induction friendly cookware. Cast iron, enameled cast iron and magnetic stainless steel are examples of induction compatible materials.

You may already have one or two pots or pans that can be used. A quick way of determining whether your cookware will work on an induction stove is to test it with a magnet. Hold the magnet to the bottom of the pan and if it clings strongly, then it will work.

Additionally, it is best if the bottom is flat and smooth. When cooking, it is important to use cooking vessels that are the right size for your burner.

Induction cookware can be used on gas, electric, and glass top stoves as well. However, the reverse is not always true.