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Induction Cooktops: An Innovative Approach to Cooking

Induction Cooktops An Innovative Approach to Cooking

Induction cookers are somewhat of a new concept in some parts of the world. This method of cooking has been utilized for several years in Europe and is now gaining ground in countries like the United States.  A growing number of people are choosing to use these affordable cooktops due to their safe and convenient features as well as the ability to cook food quickly and efficiently.  However, many people are unfamiliar with the concept and are asking how does induction cooking work.

An induction cooker is designed differently than conventional ovens which utilize gas flames or electric heating elements to heat the air in a closed environment. They have a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil underneath it. When the unit is switched on, electric current flows through the coil producing a magnetic field. When induction compatible cookware is placed on the burner, this magnetic field generates electric currents in the pot or pan’s metal. The vessel acts as a heat source and transfers the heat to the food.

These devices require the use of induction ready cookware. To determine if your pot or pan is compatible, hold a magnet to the bottom of it and if it clings then it will work. It is also important to use cookware that is the right size for your cooktop.

Some individuals choose to buy new cookware when they purchase an induction cooktop.  The first decision is whether to buy a cookware set or individual pieces.  The second determination is what kind of magnetic based material you want to buy.  Cast iron pans and stainless steel (as long as the base of the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel) are two examples of induction compatible materials.  In addition, quality, durability and cost are other considerations when purchasing cookware.

Preparing food using induction technology has  many advantages.  There is a wide temperature range in these units as well as adjustable power and temperature controls.  They have the capacity to warm up more quickly compared to electric ranges, which makes for faster cooking times. A decrease in cooking time means an increase in energy and time savings.  The surface of these units are safer than those of ranges and stovetops since it is not heated directly. There is no imminent danger of producing a fire with an electromagnetic feature, and even touching the spot over this element will not cause burning.  Furthermore, since the the pan is heated there is only a small likelihood that food or liquids will drip on the unit and harden. Additionally, the surface can also be cleaned promptly after use.

Cleaning induction cookers is simple with the even surface. There are no corners or recesses where food items can get trapped or where spilled liquids accumulate. Messes are also minimized since most units provide the convenient protection of switching itself off in case a pot has become dry or a spill occurs. Additionally, the cooler surface of the unit prevents spilled food or liquid from getting burnt or hard.

Who can benefit from induction cooking? The number of people turning to this way of cooking is increasing. The manufacturers have wisely designed these cooktops to be compact, sleek and elegant.  Groups of potential consumers include those living in mobile homes, micro-apartments, tiny houses, micro-shelters or who travel in RVs. They find having this appliance preferable to a full size stove because they can cook their food more efficiently than with a traditional stovetop and not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the cooktop.  Dorm students are using their cooktops more saving them money and time.

Busy people are also looking to minimize the amount of time they have to spend cooking.  Food can be prepared and the food and the cleanup completed in a much shorter period of time than if they used a standard sized stove.  This eliminates the need to spend a big portion of the morning or evening in the kitchen.

Employers could easily place an induction cooktop in the staff lunchroom.  Individuals could cook a healthy and tasty meal for lunch quickly instead of microwaving a frozen dinner or buying fast food. This minor expense would produce goodwill among the employees.

Induction cooking is becoming more popular in the United States due to its safety, efficiency, and quality of the food that is prepared using this appliance and induction ready cookware.  Individuals have a choice of single or double portable units, commercial or built-in cooktops or full size ranges.  A wide variety of features and price ranges are available with many that are quite affordable.

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