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Magma 10-pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Magma Products 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Magma Products has delivered a remarkable set of heavy duty stainless steel cookware which is specifically engineered to give optimal performance when used with induction cookers. The nesting design and durable composition make this 10-piece gourmet set extremely portable and on par with high-end cookware of a much higher price.

Thanks to the careful design purposed towards giving RV owners, campers and boaters the best performance, quality and mobility, this cookware set is manufactured using marine grade stainless steel. It is one of the best 10-piece cookware sets available, with its quality far surpassing its price.

Here we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at the Magma Products, 10-piece gourmet nesting stainless steel cookware set, showing you what makes it an outstanding choice.

Included in Set:

  • 1 ½-Quart Sauce Pan
  • 2-Quart Sauce Pan
  • 3-Quart Sauce Pan
  • 5-Quart Stock Pot
  • 9 ½-inch Diameter Sauté Pan
  • Interchangeable Glass Lids
  • Two Removable Handles
  • Bungee Storage Cord


The marine grade stainless steel composition alone makes this set well worth considering. It is feature-packed, reliable and beautiful enough to be used proudly in any kitchen. Here is an overview of the striking features.

  • 18-10 Mirror Polish Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Encapsulated Triple Clad Bottom
  • Oven Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to Clean Brushed Interior
  • Bottoms of Cookware are Smooth


You get almost nothing but benefits when buying this 10-piece set from Magma Products. Each pot gives outstanding performance on any surface and exhibits intelligent, balanced engineering with nothing but the highest level of quality in all regards.

  • Extremely Portable – Less Than ½ Cubic Foot of Space
  • Designed for Induction & Works on Any Cooktop
  • Thick Bottom Grants Great Heat Retention
  • Convenient Storage
  • Versatile Array of Sizes
  • Handles Lock into Place Securely
  • Matching Nesting Colander Available
  • Replacement Handles & Bungee Cord Available
  • Stable Balancing
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • No Rivets or Fasteners


While the weight may take some getting used to, this is not truly a downside. It clearly conveys the quality. The two lids are interchangeable but at some stage you will find yourself wishing you had more, especially when cooking in a kitchen. However, the tight seal and outstanding durability more than make up for this. It is hard to fault Magma Products on their excellent gourmet nesting cookware set, yet here are the minor complaints most common.

  • Only Two Lids
  • Handles Tend to Get Quite Hot
  • Set is Rather Heavy


The stacking structure of this 10-piece collection of gourmet cookware makes it not just highly portable and extremely functional but it also is a great looking set. It is completely comprised of 18-10 marine grade stainless steel and carries a mirror polish granting an immediate visual appeal, and a reliable cooking surface. The heat distribution is superb thanks to the triple clad bottom with an aluminum core which is completely encapsulated.

Every aspect of these nesting pots has been designed for portable and durability. The handles are removable and are of sturdy construction. A convenient bungee storage cord is supplied, making packing them away securely on an RV or boat a breeze.

Once they are nestled into each other, the entire 10 pieces take up less than a ½ foot of cubic space. Yet you will be surprised by the weight. In total the set weighs 16.1 pounds and the weight of each pot and pan clearly conveys the quality.

Two lids are supplied. One fits the largest pot while the other is interchangeable with the rest of the set. They are made from high-quality stainless steel and extremely durable. You will also find that the detachable handles carry great durability and are comfortable to handle. Despite having slight heat retention issues, the lids give a secure fit and add to the attractive design. They lock into place and will not budge, which is a great safety feature added by Magma Products.

Even though the nesting design of this induction cookware set from Magma Products has been highlighted, the functionality is truly underestimated. It packs away into a very small area, making it the perfect pot set for those who are limited by space. Even the handles can be packed away into a pot and stored neatly. Boat and RV owners will struggle to find a cookware set which is as sturdy and compact and one that can be used with their single portable induction cookers.


There are very few stainless steel cookware sets which can come near to the portability of this offering from Magma Products. The pricing is also extremely competitive, with this 10-piece set carrying superior quality to most competing brands, while coming in at roughly the same cost as a conventional, non-portable, 12 to 13-piece set. Even though these gourmet nesting pots have been specifically designed for RV and boat use, they make for a beautiful addition to any kitchen especially those that are space challenged.

Most competing portable induction cookware sets are comprised of a single layer of stainless steel which translates to flimsy construction and a limited lifestyle. The triple clad composition of this set from Magma Products is expertly crafted to last. There is also no high pitched sound emitted when cooking on an induction cooktop, unlike some cheaply made pots.


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, recreational vehicle owner, or the proud new purchaser of an induction cooktop, then this set should definitely be among your top considerations. There are no other cookware sets in this price range which match the performance or the portability. The stylish design itself makes them great display pots for use in a conventional kitchen, while packing away into barely any space at all.

Magma Products also have a non-induction set of these pots at a slightly lower price.   You’ll be rewarded with richer flavors, faster boiling and a set which can keep your food both hot or cold when purchasing this great set of nesting cookware. They work great in an oven and you are given a range of sizes which will keep even the most demanding cook happy.

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