Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop Review

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The Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop is rated at 1800-watts and benefits from a wide range of temperature and power settings, and a sleek portable design.

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCD Control


Max Burton recently added a new induction cooktop to its lineup - the Max Burton 6450 Induction Cooktop. This is an updated version of the 6400 model.

Although the Max Burton 6450 has similar specifications to those of the 6400 model, there are a few notable differences.  

1. The shape of the 6450 model is more visually pleasing and has rounded edges.

2. The cooktop surface goes all the way to the edge of the cooktop.

3. The computer hardware and software have been upgraded.

4. The unit design has been modified to improve temperature control.

Pros of Max Burton 6400

  • One-Touch simmer & boil functionality
  • Accommodates 11” cookware
  • Heats quickly and holds temperature
  • ETL approved
  • FCC Part 18 Compliant

Cons of Max Burton 6400

  • 25º setting gap
  • Loud warning tone when cookware is lifted from the surface

Features of Max Burton 6400

  • 15 Temperature levels
  • Temperature range: 100º-450ºF in 25º increments
  • 10 Power levels
  • Power range: 500-1800 Watts
  • One touch simmer and boil
  • Child lock
  • Timer - 3 hr
  • The Max Burton 6400 is a compact and lightweight unit with a large, clear LCD display and an easy-to-clean surface. Both the timer and the digital controls are easy to operate and placed in so they will not be spilled on while cooking.

    The digital timer can be set to a maximum of 180-minutes (in one-minute increments). When the time expires, the unit shuts down.

    Induction ready pots and pans must be used on the unit will shut off. It will not operate unless there is a cooking vessel on the cooktop.

    This single induction cooktop offers a wide range of temperature and power settings. It reaches any given temperature within a very short time frame and does a great job holding that temperature. It gets a full pot or kettle of water boiling in under sixty seconds, making it a very fast cooktop indeed.

    While the first power setting is great for slow cooking, this unit also excels at high temperatures.  

    Another attribute is that it drops to a lower heat setting almost instantly, mainly thanks to the fan, which runs from the moment the unit is switched on. 

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    Customer Service

    Max Burton is a brand of Aervoe Industries Inc. whose headquarters are in Gardnerville, NV, and said to have friendly, attentive customer service. This reviewer found this to be true when a call was placed to the technical support department.

    The query was whether the machine shuts off after three hours if the timer is not being used.  A product manager stated it did and was designed that way for safety reasons. He was friendly and willing to answer any other questions.

    It is unusual nowadays to talk to someone on the phone in the technical support department in the United States since more and more companies are outsourcing these positions to other countries or only provide email support if that.

    Answers to most of the questions about the unit can be found in the detailed and well-organized manual available online.