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NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Review

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Induction cooktops have been popular in Europe and Asia for quite some time and are steadily gaining traction in the United States. They are easy to clean and allow you to prepare food in a smooth, efficient, and hassle-free manner.  

This review takes a look at the Nu Wave 30602 Electric-Countertop-Burners, Black.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Review

apple 30602 Double Precision Virginia 11 Black

The Nu Wave 30602 double induction cooktop has a wide temperature range with a programmable memory and multi-stage programmable cooking.

Some people prefer to have two single burner induction cooktops instead of a dual burner cooktop. They find them easier to store and have more flexibility with the power controls.

  • Six preset levels from low to sear   
  • Temp range is 100-575ºF
  • Temp reading in either  ºC or ºF
  • Can keep food warm at 155ºF for 2 hours
  • Complicated control panel
  • No settings lock

Overview of Features


The Nu Wave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black has two burners that can be used simultaneously or independent of one another. This countertop unit provides a control panel for each element to manage the temperatures and timers.


The dimensions of the entire cooktop in inches are: 23.6 x 14.1 x 2.6. The heating surface on each burner is 8 inches. The NuWave fact sheet states that when both sides are being used, each burner can accommodate a pan up to 10.5". When using one burner the pan can be as large as 12 inches. The cooktop weighs just over 16 pounds and has a surface coated with an easy-to-clean, heat-resistant glass.


This NuWave double induction cooktop has a total maximum output of 1800W.  If both burners are used simultaneously, the power will automatically be 900W on each side.  When using one burner, the default wattage of 1800 can be changed. The power supply is 110/120V.  


Whether you’re looking to warm or sear food, or boil water, there shouldn’t be any issues with the temperature controls. The temperature range is 100-575ºF. The user can select the temperature to appear in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It comes with six preset levels, though you can adjust the temperature to suit your cooking needs. These settings are low, med/low, medium, medium/high, high and sear.  

The temperature can be controlled in 5 degree increments. [Since the sensor is underneath the glass cooktop, it takes time for the sensor to read the actual temperature of the pot.]  

A programmable memory (up to 100 hours) that can run without shutting itself off is available as well as an end time programmable clock. It also has a 2-hour program feature that can be used to keep food warm (at 155ºF).

This cooktop also has a memory that lasts for 100 hours which is a unique feature amongst other induction cooktops.

Safety Features

This double induction burner has an automatic stop feature to prevent food from burning.  It also has a sensor that recognizes if the cookware on the cooktop surface isn’t compatible and also recognizes when  there is no cookware on the surface.  In either of these cases, the unit will shutoff after one minute if the appropriate cookware is not placed on the cooktop. This unit is ETL approved.

Who is This Product For?

One of the best features about this model is its versatility and user friendliness. Regardless of whether you’re new to cooking, or an experienced chef, you can use the NuWave 30602 with ease. The owner’s manual provides easy-to-follow instructions and set-up guidelines, so you can start cooking right away.

The fact that it’s portable makes it the perfect opportunity for campers who don’t want to cook their hot dogs with a stick over an open fire. Additionally, the induction technology provides smokeless cooking, so it’s safe to use indoors, regardless of how small the space is.

How to Use

Using your NuWave induction cooktop is straightforward and easy to figure out, but the most important thing to remember when you set it up is to read your owner’s manual. This guide that comes inside of the product’s box provides you with everything that you need to know.

There is a slight learning curve to using an induction cooktop. Due to the efficiency and isolated heat source, induction cooktops cook quickly and medium to medium-high temperature settings could differ from your regular stovetop. In other words, what would usually take 20 minutes to cook, might now only take 10 minutes.  Also, the settings used might be different.  For instance, if you used medium on your electric stove, you wouldn't necessarily use medium setting on the induction cooktop. It takes a little experimentation to determine the appropriate settings for your recipes.

While this model does tell you if your cookware is compatible with induction technology, you can find out another way.  Simply, hold a magnet to the bottom of your pots or pans, and if the magnet attaches itself to the cookware, you’re typically okay to use it with induction cookers.


This dual burner induction cooktop is manufactured by NuWave, a company that is popular in the culinary world. When founded in 1993, they set out to make cooking more manageable for the everyday user, and its products have been featured on many news channels, and the “As-Seen-On-TV” store.


There are other two burner induction cooktops on the market to choose from if the NuWave model isn’t what you’re looking for. One is the Ovente Induction Countertop Burner. This is a really nice 1800 W double burner cooktop with similar features. However, it has a single touch lock, while the NuWave requires the user to press the low and med/sear buttons simultaneously to lock the unit.   

Another difference between the NuWave and Ovente units is that there is more flexibility in the power levels in the Ovente cooker. If both NuWave burners are used, only one power option exists - 900 Watts on each burner.  

In contrast, there are several power options on the Ovente cooktop when both burners are in use. 

The pre-set power settings are: 100, 300, 500, 700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1800. If both Ovente burners are used three power options exist:

  • 500 and 1300 
  • 700 and 1100
  • 900 and 900

Also, you do not have to use a total of 1800 Watts. For example, you can use 300W on the left side and 700W on the right side.   

Ovente customer service is able and willing to answer technical questions about their products.

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