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Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range Review

Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range Review

Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Easy-Touch Controls
  • 10-Hour Timer
  • Small Article Detection

What We Don't Like

  • No known issues so far

Little do most people know that a countertop induction range could be the perfect small appliance they’ve been looking for. At times, you might not want to rely on your traditional stovetop to make certain things ranging from bacon to soups. There are also people who prefer to use energy-efficient appliances rather than traditional ones, which is another great reason to consider the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range.

If you’re in the market for a new countertop induction range, this is certainly one of the top competitors to take into consideration.

Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range Review

Waring Commercial WIH400 Hi-Power Induction Electric Countertop Range Burner

If you’ve never had the opportunity to use an induction range, you might be wondering what it is and how it can help you in cooking. With the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range, you’ll have access to a brand new burner that is entirely separate from your regular stovetop, meaning that you can place it absolutely anywhere you desire. This can make it simpler to work with larger pots and pans or to keep it away from children.

The Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range offers a more modernized appeal when compared to other countertop induction ranges you find, as it has the combination of black Schott ceramic and sleek stainless steel. It’s the perfect partner for single-pot meals or other cooking you’d like to keep away from your regular stove.

Who is This Product For?

As the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range is entirely ETL and NSF approved, this range is for absolutely anyone. You don’t have to worry about having experience with an induction range before because it’s just as simple, if not simpler than using a regular oven. Plus, it offers more features than you would expect, particularly those pertaining to safety.

Anyone who is tired of trying to fit every single pot on the same surface will be able to benefit from an induction range, as well as anyone who would prefer to keep their energy bills to a minimum. Even homeowners who have recently moved and have yet to get a new stove can benefit from the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range.

What’s Included?

There isn’t much included with this particular induction range as the most important part of the purchase is the range itself.

You’ll receive an instruction manual along with the main unit, but in the future, there are accessories we wish they would include in the package, such as oven mitts and maybe one or two pots.

Overview of Features

As mentioned, the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range has phenomenal features that help to make this unit incredibly easy to use, similar to how you would use your regular oven.

Easy-Touch Controls

Designed specifically to be user-friendly, the easy-touch controls allow you to adjust a variety of different aspects of the unit. For example, you can adjust the temperature, set the base temperature, set a timer, and even power the unit on and off with a single touch.

10-Hour Timer

If you’re not the type of person that remembers they have something going on the stove, you can set a timer that will not only alert you when the cooking time is done but also shut the unit off to prevent overcooking your meal.

Small Article Detection

As an incredibly useful feature that keeps the unit safe and aware while it is plugged in, the small pan detection helps to determine if there is something lightweight on the surface, causing the range to shut off so it doesn’t cause a fire.

Tutorial/How to Use the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range

Using the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range is incredibly simple, especially as it doesn’t boast an array of advanced features that are recommended for professional use only. The unit is designed for residential and commercial purposes and with the help of the easy-touch controls, you’ll be able to set your desired temperature, adjust it if necessary, and set a timer up to 10 hours.


There are comparable induction cooktops that you can browse through; some offer more power than others, though the majority seems to fall around the same price point. The Update International IC-1800WN cooktop offers all of the same benefits as the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range, but the main difference is it has a touchscreen display which is one of the main things that would help to revolutionize the appearance of the Waring unit.

The touchscreen display on the Update International cooktop also allows you to lock the unit in place, which is an essential safety feature that appears to be missing from the Waring. This allows you to set the perfect temperature and lock it, so no children, pets, or gentle bumps can inadvertently lower or raise the temperature.


At the end of the day, whether you’ve never used an induction cooktop or if you’ve owned one for years, the Waring WIH400 Countertop Induction Range gives the perfect amount of power, the ideal set of features, and the convenience you’ve been searching for.

Its small and compact design helps it to fit in any kitchen, regardless of size, and you’ll certainly appreciate having an additional burner at your disposal for personal or family meals.

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