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A Brief Overview of Induction Cooktops

A Brief Overview of Induction Cooktops

One modern approach to cooking is the induction method. It is popular in Europe and Asia and is becoming more well-known and understood in the United States.  Induction uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat cookware that is induction compatible. Whereas, gas and electric cooktops use either a burner or heating element to heat the cooking vessel from underneath which in turn heats the food.

The right cookware must be used on these cooktops. Cookware made of stainless steel with a base made of a magnetic grade of stainless steel or made of cast iron will work. If a magnet sticks securely to the bottom of a pot or pan then it is induction ready. The outside of the induction cooker is made with materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.  The tops are constructed with glass, ceramic or ceramic-glass.

Induction cookers have their share of advantages that set them apart from traditional gas and electrical stovetops. They are easier to clean and maintain, are portable, versatile, have many safety features and are energy efficient. They can be bought both in kitchen appliance stores and online. If you want your choices to be easier, you can always refer to induction cooktop reviews.

Prior to buying an induction cooker, first examine the product’s description to check for any restrictions. For example, there are some models that do not let burners operate on a high level of heat. Consumers should also take into account the cooking styles they often practice while looking for induction cooktops. Additionally, if you are fitted with a pacemaker, it would be wise to consult with your cardiologist prior to purchasing an induction cooking appliance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cookers

The induction cooktop is safer compared to gas or electrical units. Gas stoves can pose fire hazards in the kitchen. The gas can leak as well, and this can be dangerous if not maintained correctly. Induction cookers, however, are only activated once they contact ferrous material.  They are energy efficient and users are able to modify the heating of the unit quickly which results in a consistent and precise amount of heat needed to cook food. These units have a small and compact space saving style so they take up less space in the kitchen. This makes them ideal for individuals who live in smaller apartments or dorm rooms or plan to use it in the RV, boat or cabin.

One detriment to induction cooking is that it requires cookware with ferromagnetic materials. Traditional cookware made from aluminum or Pyrex will not work on an induction cooktop.  The electromagnetic setup of the cooking element gets started as soon as it is in contact with a cooking vessel that has sufficient amounts of iron. If you do not have ferromagnetic cookware, you can purchase an induction disc that will serve as an adapter.

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Using an Induction Cooker

The induction cooker makes use of advanced technology. The only segment of the cooktop that heats is the component that comes into contact with the pan. For example, if a pan was placed on one-half of the cooker and ice cubes on the other, the ice cubes will not melt at all. Here is the right way to get started using an induction cooktop.

  • First, you have to get the proper cookware for the unit. As mentioned previously, you can check the cookware you currently have to see if it is induction compatible.  If it is not, then you can either purchase a one or two pieces that you absolutely need or a complete cookware set.
  • Second, read manufacturer’s manual first as each model will have moderately varying instructions. Completing this step will save a lot of time and aggravation.
  • Third, keep in mind that that food cooks faster with an induction cooktop.

How to Clean Induction Cooktop

Cleaning an Induction Cooker

Induction cooktops are usually made of glass, ceramic or combination of the two so special measures have to be practiced when cleaning the cooking surface. Make use of cleaners and cleaning pads or cloths that are specifically made to clean the surfaces of glass cooktops. You will need paper towels plus items meant for ceramic maintenance: ceramic cooktop cleaning pad and cleaner.

  • Make sure to clean the induction cooker every day by applying the cleaner to the cooking surface of the unit. The instruction manual that comes with the device might mention and suggest only manufacturer-approved cooker cleaning solutions.
  • Make use of a cleaning pad or paper towel meant for glass cooktops only and apply the cleaner all over the cooking surface of the device. Use a dry paper towel after to take away bits of the cleaner from the surface.
  • Get rid of spills and burned remnants by cooling the surface of the cooktop first. Position the ceramic cleaner straight on the spills. Use a cleaning pad to wipe the spot clean of spills. Repeat until the stain is removed entirely.
  • To get rid of heavily burned food remains, utilize a scraper for the job. Be certain that the surface has cooled down, then tackle the residue. Apply pressure on the residue to remove it. Make sure to use the cleaner and cleaning pad to take away any lingering residue.
  • Always make use of cleaning pads and solutions that are designed for use in induction glass cooking surfaces. Do not use harsh or flammable cleaning solutions on the surface of induction units. Do not use solutions that contain ammonia or bleach.

Best Induction Cookware of 2018 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Tips for Purchasing Cookware for Induction Devices

Induction cooking is a highly beneficial form of cooking your food and has gained lots of praise from consumers. What makes induction cooking a good method is the distribution of heat throughout the cookware by means of an electromagnetic reaction. Because the energy is focused in the pan, the cooking that happens is quick, safe, and efficient.

The most crucial feature to keep in mind when purchasing pots and pans is that its base should have magnetic elements. To make the choice easier, companies often stamp an induction symbol on the pan or pot’s edge. Induction cooktops and cookware can be found in kitchenware shops and stores online. You can also read induction cookware reviews if you want more information.

Why not buy an induction cookware set?

If you are able and willing to invest the money, purchasing a complete set of induction cookware is an excellent idea. Since cooking involves the use of many different sizes of pots and pans, you can find the proper utensil to use for a particular dish if you have a good set on hand.

A set of cookware often includes a skillet or frying pan, covered saucepots, a sauté pan, and a covered casserole pan. As soon as you have these items on hand, cooking will be made more organized and systematic.

Select versatile cookware

The skillet is a nice choice when it comes to cookware since it will work for any type of cooking. It has versatility  that allows for faster and easier cooking, even with more complicated dishes. You can fry eggs, make pancakes, sauté vegetables, and more.

Purchase an induction disc

Investing in units for induction cooking means additional expenses. Furthermore, a new line of cookware (if you don’t have induction ready cookware on hand) is also required, so the costs can pile up. One answer to this problem is purchasing an induction disc. This device lets users utilize any type of pot or pan whether the cookware is made for induction cooking or not. Position the induction disc over the induction cooktop, and you will be able to use any kind of pot or pan that you own.

3 Suggested Induction Cooktops

We have presented an overview about induction cookers, and now we are going to suggest three models that might interest you. These models are affordable and have gained positive feedback from customers. Lots of consumers now are getting into induction cooking, so why not test it out for yourself? Check out this short list of induction cooktop reviews.

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Because of the benefits of induction cooking, many homeowners and cooking enthusiasts hold the method in high esteem, and the induction cooktop is now a regular kitchen device in many homes. Even restaurants are now using induction methods to cook their food. If you are looking for one such unit, you can check out Duxtop’s 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop.

This unit provides quick cooking and is very user-friendly, plus it is easy to tidy up and maintain. It is portable, allowing it to be used in a variety of cooking environments such as mobile homes, small apartments, RV’s, boats, and cabins. During social or catering events,  food can be kept warm by using it as a hot plate.


  • Makes use of 120 volts and 15 amps of electricity
  • Includes easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Can cook evenly
  • Will not produce too much heat in the kitchen


  • Will work with induction pots and pans only
  • Does not provide lock feature

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Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop

The Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop is a high-quality, lightweight and compact product.  Its sleek design, wide temperature range (100ºF-450ºF) and power settings available from 500-1800 Watts make it a popular choice among consumers.


  • One-Touch Simmer & Boil Functionality
  • Overheat and auto-pan detection
  • Heats Quickly and Holds Temperature
  • 3-hour timer


  • Big Difference Between First and Second Power Setting
  • 25-degree temperature increments

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Duxtop 9600LS Induction Cooktop

This portable cooktop has 20 temperature settings (100°F to 460°F) and 20 power settings (100-1800 watts).  The safety features of child safety lock, auto-pan detection and low and high voltage warning system are added benefits.  It has a user-friendly LED display along with a sturdy touch panel.


  • High Temperature Cooking
  • Stable Low Temperature Cooking
  • Heating & Warming Buttons for One-Touch Operation
  • Built-in count-down digital timer


  • Learning Curve to Master Temperature Control
  • High Intensity Sound from Induction Cooker

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